Abdulla Al Humaidi: The Voice of Kuwait

There is no doubt that the Arab Spring has had a profound effect on Kuwait. The country went from being one of the most prosperous to an economic and political disaster zone. But some people have been able to weather the storm and still make a difference. One such person is Abdulla Al Humaidi, CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH). While the company has made some lucrative investments in Europe, Abdulla Al Humaidi is also committed to ensuring that his home country doesn’t fall by the wayside.


One of the significant changes we’ve seen in Kuwait is a rise in terrorism and militant activity. Groups like ISIS have made sizable gains while also attracting international attention. This, due to ISIS brutal tactics. Abdulla Al Humaidi doesn’t see this as an inevitable threat, though; instead, he believes that there are ways for Kuwait’s leaders to turn things around. For example, he has called on the government to take a more proactive role in blocking terrorist fundraising and recruitment activities at mosques.


The Kuwaiti people are also facing challenges due to the country’s financial struggles; this is especially true for young professionals who may be considering moving overseas as the successful investor did. However, Al Humaidi has made it clear that he doesn’t want his company to follow suit. Instead, they are committed to staying in Kuwait and doing their part for the local economy. 


They currently employ over 500 people here, with plans on expanding their workforce even further in the future. This is good news for the country, as Abdulla Al Humaidi states. This is because the employment opportunities provided by one of its largest companies will help to lower unemployment rates. There is a lot for Kuwaiti citizens and business people alike to worry about these days; however, Abdulla Al Humaidi´s efforts have been able to shine through all that darkness.