Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: A Success Story

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in both economics and business administration from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez went on to become a well-known and prolific businessman. He has been a major shareholder and held prominent positions in several energy companies where he has cultivated relationships with clients and brought in significant earnings.

Lopez also founded O’Hara Administration, a successful investment company that manages assets for global projects. So, when the four friends who started Hawkers, a company that sells sunglasses in the online market, needed help scaling their business, they reached out to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to manage their finances and market their business. In 2015, Lopez secured funding for Hawkers from several O’Hara investors. Lopez later became the major shareholder and president of Hawkers.

Using social media, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez capitalized on marketing to young adults resulting in great financial success. Celebrities began wearing Hawkers’ sunglasses and the business grew exponentially. With success comes more responsibility, and Lopez skillfully navigated Hawkers through each step, including improving customer service.

Throughout his business success, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has maintained a focus on giving back to the community. Much of this work has focused on education including adding sports facilities to schools, expanding school buildings, and giving away learning materials.

Due to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s shrewd business, marketing, and financial strategies, Hawkers is now known for its high-quality, top-selling sunglasses. Hawkers is now starting a new adventure: sunglasses that are environmentally friendly. The company looks forward to being on the cutting edge of sustainable sunglasses without sacrificing quality.

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