An Interview With Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions of the world’s most famous athletes. Her work with the Washington Post, ESPN, and CNN has given her the role of one of the top 10 voices in sports media by Hollywood Reporter. An interview by Marie Claire highlighted her career when she was the host of a daily basketball show called The Jump.

Her career began when she realized she wanted to tell a story she couldn’t predetermine. Knowing she would never be a star athlete, Rachel Nichols joined the Washington Post doing print for hockey, while honing her skills for television.

As a television reporter Nichols, interviews star athletes. One that stuck out to her was her talk with Floyd Mayweather and his domestic abuse of girlfriends. She did a lot of research for this interview, and though he was not receptive to her questions, she told herself she would ask until he got up. Rachel Nichols doesn’t take cheap shots at athletes but has a policy that if someone doesn’t like what she says, call her and talk about it.

Nichols asks tough questions but knows that she sees these people day after day and must learn to maintain relationships. The hardest time she had on air was when her close friend Craig Sager died 90 seconds before she went on air. She thought he had more time, but prepared by writing a message for when she was on air about her friendship with Sager.

Rachel Nichols loves the community of sports. When a game happens, people go to social media to talk about it. But she also likes the fact that sports bring up hard conversations and force people to deal with tough subjects such as domestic violence. She enjoys the fact that communities sit in an arena together, going through an experience. Refer to this article for related Information.


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