Anette Bronder’s New Official Website Discusses Data Governance, Agility, and Digital Transformation

Antes Agility and Data Governance, Data-Driven Growth and Transformation. It’s the first part of a blog post by Anette Bronder, a data governance expert, and agile coach. The new official website for Anette Bronder’s work includes guest blogs on agile initiatives like data governance, Agile-driven transformation, and business agility.


Antes has over 20 years of experience working with clients in various industries, including Manufacturing Companies, Utilities, Healthcare Providers, and Government agencies, to help them transform their businesses through digitization. Through her background in Industry, she brings a unique perspective and understanding of what works for clients.

The new website’s goal is to provide an easy way for people to get a quick set of tools and resources to get started with the tools Antes has put together that cover data governance, agile transformation, and digital transformation. The goal is to provide a practical set of resources so people can make their work lives easier by using the right technology and tools available on the market today.

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The New Website

The first resource is the new official website which combines her experience and expertise. The website’s different sections combine Anetes’ knowledge of data governance, digital transformation, agility, and innovation with Agile-Driven Transformation and Business Agility, Digital Transformation, Data Driven Growth, and Innovation Strategies so people can use this information to make the best decisions for their enterprises. The different sections provide interactive visualizations that assist readers in getting a clear visual representation of concepts described in books.

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New Website Features:

Antes has been working with data governance for over 15 years. This blog post discusses her new book, “Data Governance in a Digital World,” which is available on Amazon. The new website discusses the challenges people face in implementing data governance, agile transformation, and digital transformation and covers how to implement these concepts in their organization to know more click here.