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An Inside Look at Private Equity Transactions From CEO Mark Hauser

In the article “CEO Spotlight: Mark Hauser Details How Private Equity Transactions Work”, CEO World Magazine spoke with Mark... Read More
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Private Equity Investor Mark Hauser Announces Landmark Sales of Ophthalmology Business

Mark Hauser, the founder, and CEO of Secure Vision, Inc. (SVI), announced today that he had completed the sale... Read More
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Apple Is Following the Philip Belamant and Zilch Playbook

Karen Tso and Steve Sedgwick As a result of forward-thinking fintech businesses like Philip Belamant Zilch, the payments and... Read More
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Leo Radvinsky’s Path to B4X

A tech visionary and accomplished entrepreneur, Leonid Radvinsky has a long history of investment in open source software. An... Read More
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The Story of Philip Belamant, Founder of GoCardless

PayPal’s payments system in Europe is a mess. European banks aren’t happy about it, either. PayPal has been handling... Read More
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Liu Qiangdong's Company Providing Pandemic Relief Supplies To Hong Kong’s generous donation of COVID-19 relief supplies to Hong Kong reflects founder’s philosophy of businesses making a positive impact.... Read More
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With regards to PosiGen, a Solar Power, and Energy Efficiency Firm

PosiGen wants to make solar electricity available to anyone. We want solar to be accessible and inexpensive for everybody,... Read More
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How Zilch is simplifying the payment process

The Zilch app introduces installment payments. The buy now pay later makes it easy to afford different appliances. Those... Read More