ClearObject Providing Visual AI Solutions for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence provides businesses with numerous benefits, such as speech recognition and translation between languages. An important segment of AI is visual AI, where computers have integrated software applications that allow them to interpret images, classify and identify objects. For example, a computer can be fed information about various species of dogs so that it can be able to correctly identify a dog from other animals. In addition, visual AI is helpful in organizations in that security cameras can identify people within the organization and alert relevant authorities when there is suspicious activity.

In addition, through visual AI, companies can use facial recognition to allow various people restricted access to various sectors of the organization. ClearObject is a company that is dedicated to helping organizations experience the full benefits of the Internet of Things. ClearObject works with notable partners to ensure that your organization receives disparate sensors and devices so that the organization can achieve productive solutions.

Also, the company provides an organization with the necessary security and innovation to help your business effectively maneuver the ever-competitive business environment.

One such example is the ClearObject ObjectiO solution that utilizes vision intelligence which leads to acceleration in the creation of custom Vision AI solutions and can be easily integrated with your existing business processes. This service by ClearObject is aimed at saving valuable time and resources for organizations through increasing the accuracy of image inspection. In addition, it helps organizations in interpreting data easily, thus making the right decisions. An example of its application is the inspection of turbine blades for damages.

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