Edgard Corona Launches a New Healthy Safety Protocol To Prevent The Spread Of Corona Pandemic In His Gyms

Edgard Corona is an established serial entrepreneur with a built name in the health club industry. He is the brains behind SmartFit Group and Bio Ritmo, one of the largest gym chains in South America, with more than three million customers. It is estimated that the gym chains earned Mr. Edgard more than R$1 billion in revenues in 2017.

Edgard Corona launched Bio Ritmo as a single chain in 1996 in Sao Paolo. Back then, he lacked knowledge and experience on how to run the sector. Edgard recalls that the first 12 years were a real mess for the company, but with patience and experience, the company became a giant in the fitness sector.

Smartfit gym reshaped the way people all over the globe exercise. They introduced new technology pieces of equipment for exercise, even putting more pressure on the entire market to change. Today the company has branches worldwide, including in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Latin America.

With the onset of the corona pandemic, many businesses in the fitness industry have been affected, and Edgard Corona’s Smartfit is no different. Recently, Edgard Corona announced plans to temporarily close all his units in Latin America and Brazil to help counter the spread of the deadly virus.

However, under the leadership of their able leader Edgard Corona, Smartfit introduced a new digital program to engage thousands of students that attended the gym. The program involves free online classes where students are educated on how to exercise using weights and materials found at home.

Besides, Smartfit has partnered with scientists and physicians to develop a health safety protocol that will create a safe environment for students as they return. The plan includes more than 30 safety protocols, including mandatory wearing of masks, provision of alcohol gels at all locations, and change of air conditioning system several times an hour.

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