Facts about Jason Hughes- CEO Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes has demonstrated excellent skills in renting and acquisition talks for 30 years. He is the CEO and chairman of Hughes Marino, a San Diego company. Hughes Marino provides tenant representation, program management, buyer representation, lease accounting, and culture consulting services. Led by Jason Hughes, its services characterize it as the best lessee and purchaser representation firm in San Diego. The company’s growth has expanded in some states like Seattle. 


It is characterized by the provision of superior results and efficient client services. Leaseholders throughout California have experienced strengthened protections, which are attributed to Jason’s legislative work. Hughes Marino’s primary focus is on end-users instead of certified investors and property-owners. Jason Hughes holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in BA. His career began with his first involvement in Cushman and Wakefield operations. His movement to San Diego was followed, where he represented municipal and non-profit lessees in acquisition and tenancy dialogs. 

The company was formed by Jason Hughes, partnering with his wife, Shay. She gives a helping hand in executing plans that he describes as the foundation for his company’s success. His inspiration to start Hughes Marino was attributed by high focus to improving property-owner welfare instead of tenants. He wanted to change this notion by providing agents with enough know-how to ease advising clients. Jason Hughes’s main plan is to help eliminate conflict of interest that is highly present in the buying and leasing industry. He denotes that the need for landlords is mainly based on the presence of business tenants. He is an entrepreneur who never gives up.