Frances Townsend Grew up in Toledo

Frances Townsend is a former CIA official who was instrumental in the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq. She was also involved in surveillance of several prominent Americans, including Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, and Jane Harman. Frances Townsend has been described as “the most dangerous woman in America.”

  1. Background Information and Education

Frances Townsend grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and attended Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic grade school and high school. She later attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She then attended the University of Virginia, where she earned a Master’s degree in philosophy. She also attended the University of Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship.

  1. Career

Frances Townsend joined the CIA and served as a case officer in Africa, Asia, and Europe. She has also worked as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, an advisor to several think-tanks. After leaving the agency, Townsend became an assistant to US Representative Christopher Cox (R-CA). She later went on to work for the law firm of Hogan & Hartson. At Activision Blizzard, she served as the vice president of public policy. Townsend left the law firm to work for the Department of Homeland Security.

  1. Current Position

Frances Fragos Townsend is the executive vice president of corporate affairs, chief compliance officer, and corporate secretary at Activision Blizzard. She is also a member of the board of directors. She also serves as an advisor to several think-tanks, including the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Townsend is also a member of several corporate boards, including Intel, BP, FedEx, and Federal Express.

She has been involved with the Bush administration in the invasion of Iraq. She is a member of several corporate boards and has been involved in numerous military and intelligence operations. The corporate boards she serves on are responsible for producing military hardware and software.

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