Haroldo Jacobovicz Founder Of Horizons Telecom

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the proud founder of Horizons Telecom. He is also the establisher of the e-Governe Group, Horizons Telecom, and Horizons Datacenter. These are not unconnected companies.

The purpose of these companies was developed with the goal of solving information technology using the most ingenuous solutions available. Thanks to the work and solutions found between these companies markets all throughout Brazil have been changed in both the private and public sectors.

A little bit about Haroldo Jacobovicz background is that He is an established and well-known entrepreneur and civil engineer he has a very high loyalty to information technology. He was born in Brazil and both of his parents were civil engineers. What was inspiring is at the time of his birth his mother was merely the seventh female civil engineer in her state.

It is safe to say his passion for civil engineering was motivated by his parents and what he saw them accomplish every day. However, Haroldo Jacobovicz took his own path after attending civil engineering school at the Federal University of Parana. Refer to this page for additional information. He found his own passion in the area of information technologies. He made it a point to now just follow information technology with his working hours. He was truly passionate and as someone truly passionate he was reading any and all information he could on the subject to learn as much as possible.

He did not get to where he is or as successful as he is on chance. He is hardworking and dedicated. In addition to that, there are certain habits that he has formed and that he follows daily to help ensure his productivity and success. For example, he gets up at six in the morning every day and makes it a priority to exercise as just one of the many habits.

For details: www.horizonstelecom.com/haroldojacobovicz