Currently, Heath Ritenour is in charge of the Insurance Office of America. Getting this position took a lot of hard work and perseverance. In the Insurance office of America company, Heath began working as an intern while he was still at college. After completion of his studies, he returned to the company and worked as an agent of insurance. Even though the company belonged to his father, he did not take advantage of this fact. He would work hard and always ensured he learned and got as many skills as he could. He wanted to be more knowledgeable on insurance and everything it entailed. As he kept on unraveling even the most difficult skills in insurance, his father, John Ritenour, was training him to be better at taking over the company’s leadership.

After ten years, his father thought he was more than ready to take over as the CEO of the company as he retired. Throughout the time he had interacted with his son while working, John Ritenour became quite impressed by the excellent skills Heath had gained in the long run. Despite this, Heath Ritenour always felt he wasn’t ready for the role and kept on rejecting his father’s offer. He was scared of being in charge of a business since he had always engaged in sports all his life. For some time, John kept giving Heath the same request until Heath gave it much thought one day. It dawned on him that by taking over the leadership of his  he would be preserving the creative tradition of the company. In 2008, Heath Ritenour agreed to take the role and officially became CEO in 2008. He also became in charge of the Board of Directors for the Insurance Office of America in 2019.

The roles carried out by Heath Ritenour in the company are pretty diverse and involving, and based on the significant expertise he has in the industry, he is doing well. He usually tells upcoming entrepreneurs to first focus on gaining efficient skills before anything else.

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