How Alejandro Betancourt Transformed Hawkers Through Influencer Marketing

Alejandro Betancourt is among the people that have transformed Hawkers into a successful global brand. He joined the company during a financial crisis; hence he came in as an angel investor. The founders of the company can appreciate that Betancourt came in at just the right time to help them revive their company and continue on the path of success they had already begun. Betancourt was the perfect fit for the company because he was an entrepreneur and investor who had attained success in several ventures like 0’Hara Administration.

When Betancourt joined Hawkers, the founders wanted him to help with the finances. They didn’t know that he could go-ahead to create a difference across various sectors, marketing and management. Alejandro Betancourt has always been a visionary when competitors were busy spending money on marketing. He saw a gap on social media and came up with a strategy that would help the company cut down on marketing costs while reaching a bigger audience. His main form of marketing was influencer marketing. Although some companies had spotted the capability of this type of marketing, the area was not so crowded. Betancourt took up the opportunity and made Hawkers a global brand.

With increased marketing strategies throughout social media, Alejandro Betancourt once more helped the company achieve financial success. The sunglasses were now sold in Spain and all over the world. Once the money started coming in, Hawkers founders wanted to scale their business into a sunglasses manufacturing company. Once again, Alejandro Betancourt became the savior since he had prior experience in the manufacturing industry. Today apart from success, one of the things Betancourt has helped the company achieve is the manufacturing of eco-friendly sunglasses. The company is very particular in the type of material hence contributing to environmental conservation and more