Leo Radvinsky’s Path to B4X

A tech visionary and accomplished entrepreneur, Leonid Radvinsky has a long history of investment in open source software. An early champion of the open source programming language Elixir, he successfully leveraged its decentralized functionality to drive improvements in multiple emerging technologies.

Leonid Radvinsky was a driving force behind the success of B4X. When he first became involved with this highly adaptive RAD (rapid application development) platform, it was in a particularly precarious situation. Despite its early success, B4X was unable to keep pace with its rapidly expanding popularity.

To take B4X to the next level, Radvinsky supplied it with a much-needed influx of capital as an angel investor. He correctly identified the restrictive nature of B4X’s existing proprietary licensing model and spearheaded its transition to a far more versatile open source model.

As a result of these efforts, B4X has emerged as a leading force in the RAD sector. Thanks to its extreme versatility, it is helping digital designers of all kinds bring their visions to life.

Bryon Dunkley-Smith used B4X to complete a project that was roughly two decades in the making. Using the next-generation B4X platforms B4J, B4R, and B4A, he created a giant video screen for the home venue of his local amateur basketball club. In addition to displaying a variety of game statistics, this screen is capable of sharp and smooth video playback.

While designing the computer-aided image translation tool ImageTrans, Lihang Xu used the B4X derivative B4J. When it came time to distribute this popular desktop app, he chose the B4X commerce platform FastSpring.

B4X transformed the life of designer Douglas Farias. In 2013, he was struggling to learn Java as a way to support his family in the wake of his honorable military discharge. After discovering B4X, he established his company under the name ID Desenvolvimento and began developing hundreds of useful apps. Today, ID Desenvolvimento is worth millions of dollars.