Liu Qiangdong's Company Providing Pandemic Relief Supplies To Hong Kong’s generous donation of COVID-19 relief supplies to Hong Kong reflects founder’s philosophy of businesses making a positive impact. Liu Qiangdong came from a small village in China, Chang’an, where his family was so poor they mainly had corn and sweet potatoes to eat. His family was once wealthy, but lost everything, so Qiangdong understood it could happen to anyone. is sending PPE supplies to their warehouse in Hong Kong. Supplies include hand sanitizers, gloves and masks, Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link will then pick them up and distribute the supplies to health care facilities. The company also launched a free online service for users in Hong Kong to get advice from telemedicine doctors and advice about preventing Covid-19.

Liu Qiangdong understands people need a helping hand at times. He never would have been able to attend the People’s University of China without help from family and friends. It was there he learned about computer programming and the emerging e-commerce landscape. Qiangdong decided to pursue entrepreneurship before earning his MBA. He started a restaurant and then a opened a booth in a technological bazaar. The small business expanded to a chain of a dozen stores. When SARS stopped people from shopping in person, Liu Qiangdong say e-commerce as the answer.

The rest is history. Today. is in the position to donate RMB 100 Million Yuan worth of relief supplies to Hong Kong and they also have the transpiration network to get them out quickly. The company also is making donations to other Asian countries and countries in Europe and South America.

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