Outstanding Life And Works Of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is the CEO of the Kraft Group, and he’s one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the world. His Real Estate organization majors in developing and managing projects, construction, manufacturing amenities, and building medical facilities among other services. They have been involved in the creation of the most unique sports and entertainment sites including Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place.

The organization works under a deadline and ensures that they complete their work before it. The CEO, Robert Kraft, went to Brookline high school. He later joined Columbia University where he joined the lightweight football team. As he was growing up, Robert Kraft was a huge fan of the New York Giants.

Other than being a businessman, Robert Kraft is also a family man and is married to Myra Kraft. As he was beginning his career, Kraft joined the Rand-Whitney group. An organization that specializes in packaging. He got promoted over the years and is currently the chairman. In 1972, he established International Forest Products, an organization that involves the trade of paper commodities. In combination, these two companies make up the largest individually owned paper company in the U.S. Over the years, the International Forest Products company has held its position of being among the top 100 paper companies in the United States.

As a loyal fan of the American Football League, Robert Kraft has been a ticket holder for the season since 1971. In 2007, he announced his idea of evolving the area around Gillette Stadium. The idea was received warmly and with time he became the owner of Patriots. During this season, the team showed great improvement and even managed to win 180 local games and 17 playoffs.

Other than being an entrepreneur, Robert is also a philanthropist who finds joy in helping the less fortunate in society. He and his wife have taken an initiative to contribute to issues relating to education, healthcare, child and women issues, and supporting young undiscovered talents in society. See this article to learn more.


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