PosiGen Transforming the Solar Power Landscape

PosiGen is a solar power company that is dedicated to making solar energy available for everyone. A barrier that many see to solar power is that they think it is too expensive or too difficult to install. PosiGen solar power company is working to undo this impression by offering fast and convenient service for everyone. Their goal is to make solar power cheap and affordable, and available to even low to middle income communities. PosiGen’s solar leasing program allows those with lower incomes to still invest in their homes by installing solar panels. This will help them save on their utility bills and increase the value of their homes. The end result is helping people to realize a better, brighter future. 


PosiGen is motivated by four primary goals. Their first goal is to always leave a positive impression with the families that they serve. Second, they take satisfaction in knowing that they are providing jobs for the communities that they work with. Third, they are dedicated to serving and coming alongside low income communities that have been historically disadvantaged, and especially communities of color. Finally, they want to make a big, positive impact on the environment (Natureworldnews). 

When PosiGen solar panels are cheaper and more widely available, less energy from fossil fuels is needed. Obviously, if more and more houses switch to an energy profile that includes solar power, the end result will be a healthier environment and greater savings on energy in the fight against climate change. Energy savings and independence are part of the key to rejuvenating communities that have been down on their luck. PosiGen was born out of the destruction of hurricane Katrina. The founders of PosiGen realized that when it came to rebuilding and upgrading, low income communities were being left in the dust. They wanted to rectify this situation by making solar panels available to all.