Ryan Kavanaugh’s Thriller Nominated for OTT Awards

Triller, since its inception, has provided game-changing developments to sports programming worldwide. Triller Fight Club has received recognition for the third annual SportsPro OTT Awards. The announcement came from SportsPro medial house, which is in charge of OTT Awards.

Since April 17th of this year, the Triller Fight Club has received recognition for the Best Digital First Production nomination. Also, FITE has selected Ryan Kavanaugh sports company Triller Fight Club as the best Marketing strategy for its global Marketing, which is innovative. The OTT awards will take place in London on November 15th.

According to Mahi de Silva, the CEO of TrillNet, the Triller Fight Club Model has innovatively changed traditional combat sports. Due to the innovative changes in Triller’s game, the new model has received recognition. Mahi further adds FITE’s distinction award nomination in Triller’s creative and different marketing strategies in the new digital world. This recognition brings joy to marketing and providing what the younger generation of gamers want.

OTT Awards, which is a ceremony dedicated to sports-oriented OTT and online presence. OTT celebrates innovation, collaboration, and innovative ideas across broadcast, consumer, distribution, and production. Since its inception, OTT has paid tribute to the inspirational and creative use of technology across 14 different award categories. Triller, founded by Ryan Kavanaugh, has reshaped sports in its April 17th Triller Fight Club event featuring Youtube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, an MMA Champion.

The fight has also partnered with the world’s top musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Doja Cat, Diplo, and Ice Cube to create an extensive entertainment and sports event.

About Ryan Kavanaugh’s Thriller Innovations

The fight club at Triller works around a new approach to entertainment which fuses music and boxing. The idea started in 2020 with Jones and Tyson’s PPV fight, which surpassed all PPV statistics and became the 8th most successful fight in PPV.

Due to Snoop Dogg and Ryan Kavanaugh, the founders of Triller Fight Club, the innovative vision has continued to grow.