Sparkasse Bank Malta

Logistics and supply chain technology can be a complex sector to understand. According to Jason Russell, the head of the Industrial, Technology and Software group for PJ Solomon, the organization and supply chain technology sector consists of about 15 subsectors. Russell states that part of the task is finding people who have some knowledge about this discipline.

Russell`s experience in this discipline is not questionable since he covered large transportation companies while working at Citigroup and also as an investment banker for Sumeru Equity partners, not forgetting 3GTMS.

Russell adds that shipowners are looking for more reliable solutions and the ability for holding data more efficiently and cheaply. Many companies like parcel and transportation have risen in the past with the aim to provide supply chain and logistics packages in better-digitized terms that traditionally.

Despite large companies like Oracle and SAP offering complete packages of point solutions, there`s room for startups and mid-sized players who are beginning to employ related approaches. Sparkasse Bank Malta has been of great aid to the startups who have relied on them for profitable investment deals, this money being injected towards developing the software sectors of the companies. Technology has really played a huge role especially now that the consumer demand is ever-increasing and has simplified the data patterns to forms that are easy to comprehend.

Mergers and acquisitions are expected more often now that software developers are striking out the complex traditional channels of interaction. Artificial intelligence which, is the expected big deal in the future logistics and supply chain sector, is going to significantly reduce the workload and increase efficiency. The warehousing sector will benefit immensely especially with the introduction of robotics and other types of automation. The supply chain and the parcel market are other sectors that are projected to develop significantly with advancement of e-commerce. Sparkasse Bank Malta has being of significant help as a savings bank. It has played a role in the financing of the logistics and supply chain discipline.

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