The Story of Philip Belamant, Founder of GoCardless

PayPal’s payments system in Europe is a mess. European banks aren’t happy about it, either. PayPal has been handling payments in Europe for years with its own system. Now, PayPal is being acquired by eBay, and PayPal is bringing its payments system to central Europe. The process of integrating PayPal’s system with Europe’s central bank, known as the Single European Banking (SEB) system, has gone badly. European banks and credit unions are still using their own systems, and there’s no easy way for retailers to accept payments from customers’ bank accounts. With the PayPal acquisition, eBay is fixing central Europe’s payments system. What about PayPal’s system in other parts of Europe? How have they been handling payments in other central parts of Europe where PayPal isn’t already installed? With the acquisition of PayPal, eBay is going to fix central Europe’s payments mess. But what about PayPal’s system in other parts of Europe? It’s time to learn about Philip Belamant, the man who founded GoCardless and the company’s unique digital payments system.

Philip Belamant

Belamant is a startup veteran and one of the creators of PayPal’s digital payments model. In 1998, he and his partners founded MercQuick, the first online finance company in Europe. In 1999, the company was bought by Intuit, which sold the MercQuick business as BillQuick. In 2002, BillQuick was bought by PayPal. After working for PayPal, Belamant founded GoCardless, a digital payment service provider based in London. In 2017, GoCardless was bought by Stripe for $2 billion.

Find out why GoCardless is different

GoCardless’s founder Philip Belamant is famous for his comment that the future is “not cash.” In a news interview, Belamant made the point that cash is old-fashioned and slow. Digital payments make it far easier to buy things online. Digital payments also let you make purchases without giving out your credit card number. Digital payments can send money to anyone with an email address, and they can’t be stolen. Cash is still useful, and it can’t be hacked. Digital payments are useful, and they can be hacked. Digital payments aren’t used everywhere. Digital payments are used by billions of people. Digital payment services are expensive. Digital payments are expensive.

Digital payments are a good thing. They’re safer, they’re cheaper, and they’re easier. They can also be collected without giving out personal information about the payer. Digital payments are also more expensive and more difficult to collect than traditional payments. Digital payments can be hacked. Digital payments are also a lot more work than traditional payments.