Tim Murawski Brings Exciting New Technology to Spinal Surgery

Since 2019 Tim Murawski has been the leader of the Chicago based company Augmedics. He brings 20 years of upper management experience to the medical research company as the chief commercial officer and president. As a graduate of Western Illinois University, Tim Murawski specializes as a business leader in biotechnology.


Before being hired at Augmedics served many leadership roles for medical device companies. He previously worked for Mazor Robotics and was instrumental in the major growth the company showed before being sold to Medtronic for $1.6 billion. Tim Murawski started his career in medical device sales in the early 1990’s. 


He began by selling innovative IV products for Baxter International, INC. At that time these products were crucial to health care professionals treating patients with AIDS and HIV. Tim Murawski explains that this new non-needle IV technology allowed fewer accidental needle sticks and led to his vision of the need for revolutionary medical technology that could change lives forever.

Today at Augmedics Tim is working to bring augmented reality (AR) technology to the spinal surgery world. It allows surgeons to look through a patient’s body the way a radiologist uses x-ray technology in real time while reducing the amount of radiation exposure to the patient. Finally, Tim Murawski is a major innovator in the surgical robotics field but still enjoys sports cars, yard work, and spending time with his family.