With regards to PosiGen, a Solar Power, and Energy Efficiency Firm

PosiGen wants to make solar electricity available to anyone. We want solar to be accessible and inexpensive for everybody, particularly the poor. PosiGen is aware of this. Our lending and borrowing program makes solar more accessible, allowing residents to participate in their houses, save money on electricity costs, and move toward a better future. New Orleans attempted to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. 


They wanted better, better efficient, and less expensive houses. During this period, 16 various programs were offered to assist people rebuilding, but only the rich could use them. A large percentage of New Orleans’ population was low-to-moderate-income, placing them at a disadvantage against richer families. PosiGen’s creators aimed to address this imbalance. We knew we could assist the poor in restoring their houses and lives. So we worked.


Electricity from Solar Systems 

Solar panels are silicon photovoltaic panels, which convert light power into electricity. When exposed to sunlight, these cells collect and transform solar energy into DC electricity, converted into AC electricity by the solar inverter, and utilized to power your house. 


Resource Inducement 


State and federal governments support renewable energy sources to help reduce carbon emissions and safeguard the environment. Homeowners who buy solar panels might get a variety of incentives. Some jurisdictions also provide solar rebates, which repay a portion of your solar installation expenditures. 


Benefits of PosiGen Solar Power Services


Budget Energy 


Airtightness and other low-cost energy-saving measures may help you save money on your electricity bills. 


A Clearer World 


PosiGen is 100% environmentally friendly. Using energy more effectively is a low-cost strategy to improve our planet


Comfort and Health 


Upgrades may improve air quality, heating, cooling efficiency and reduce mold growth. 


Revenue Increase 

Improved house performance may save maintenance costs, increase durability, and increase buyer appeal.